Release info:
Catalog: NVS001
Artist: Gabriel Baltazar
Release name: Unknown Shores
Release date: 16/10/2019
Gabriel Baltazar - Burning Soul
Gabriel Baltazar - 7 Waves


Gabriel Baltazar
Unknown Shores

Unknown Shores is the diary of months of work in honing craft, self-discovery and greed – the latter which inspired the single “Burning Soul”, a statement about our tendency of never been satisfied with our lives and to always be craving for something more and to escape reality. The EP was produced and mixed in London by Baltazar and mastered by Mob Studio in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The two tracks mark the first release by the new London based collective Novus and reflect the label’s unique sonic aesthetics, a quest for eerie vibrations and unheard textures. “Burning Soul”, the EP leading tune displays mesmerizing synthetic melodies, gloomy ambiances and vigorous kick patterns in the style of Adam Beyer and ANNA.

Baltazar’s biweekly radio show on House 559 dives into a fresh selection of underground influences highlighting emerging and established artists in his energetic sets. Following a string of live performances in venues and events such as Ministry Of Sound, Wasted Talent, and Werkhaus, Baltazar is comfortable both at the studio as well on stage and plans a busy touring and producing schedule for next year, with his second EP Axed Cranium hitting the stores on the first semester of 2020.

“Unknown Shores, my first EP, depicts the exploration of new territories. A first step for the label to start braving shores that have not been heard yet. Burning Soul, the main track, is about the need to always want something more, to go beyond what was once considered satisfactory. The track explores space sounds and a dynamic arrangement. 7 Waves is a warm-up track that explores different Brazilian rhythmic instruments, my origins, going through different grooves”.

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