Release info:
Catalog: NVS002
Artist: Gatara
Release name: Intelligent Control
Release date: 20/01/2020
Gatara - Intelligent Control
Gatara - Intelligent Control (Karl Koller Remix)
Gatara - Intelligent Control (Orion Remix)
Gatara - 3519


Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control is Gatara’s debut EP on Novus. NVS002 is a 4-track EP showcasing 2 originals and 2 remixes by great artists such as Karl Koller and the great Finnish producer Orion. The two original pairing tracks have a futuristic-post-chaotic feel and sound pallet. Intelligent control is staged a few hundred years in the future when the machines took over the planet and the human race is no more.

On his latest productions, Gatara shows himself under a much more developed stage of his career path and shows great confidence when exploring new soundscapes and possibilities showcasing what we can say to be very unpredictable and unique of his and climbing for a more solid and mature sound identity.

Gatara was fortunate to finish 2019 having his latest collaborative work with Spaghetti Monster reaching Beatport’s #3 Minimal / Deep Tech, #17 Techno, #24 Melodic House and Techno and #79 Overall releases so we are confident and very proud to push his work forward as our first release of the new decade.

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