Release info:
Catalog: NVS003
Artist: Gabriel Arka
Release name: Highgate
Release date: 09/07/2020
Gabriel Arka - Highgate
Gabriel Arka - Flo


Gabriel Arka

Gabriel Arka, British-Brazilian techno head, releases his debut EP on Novus Records with two raw and mechanical tunes that make you rush in motion in no time.

The first track - Highgate- comes in stylish hypinotic style with war 303 stabs announcing what comes up later and creating sensational tension and banging groove. The track Flo comes right after bringing a dry, hard but ethereal melodic vibe to this inspiring EP - a sensible layered grower that delivers unhasty grooving minimal techno for those who like to groove with class. The transcendental arpeggio of the leads stretches your mind and soul endlessly.

Highgate EP is a must-have and is electronic music straight from the heart and full of human sensitivity. We are very proud to welcome Gabriel Arka to the family. Enjoy.

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